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Bio Laundry Wash
Bio – Laundry Wash is an environmentally safe alternative to usual brands, kind t our skin, non toxic, bio degradable. Our eco friendly formula uses vegetable oil based wash compounds and other natural ingredients to remove dirt, soil and stains. Also the presence of Neem which acts as natural anti bacterial antifungal and gives maximum protection to your clothes from contamination and environmental pollution.
Bio Laundry wash washes more clothes than the normal detergents. For one handful of bio laundry wash approximately 55gms cleans minimum 10to 12 no of clothes.
No. of clothes: this 750g packing of bio clean cleans 150 to 180 clothes [assorted]. For Best Results: Sort – follow garment care label instructions.
Pre treat: Mix up to one handful of bio laundry wash in water. [Warm water is better]. let soak 5 to 10 minutes and stir gently until dissolve in the water before adding clothes. Measure: fill to first line for medium loads; up to ¼ handfuls more for heavily soiled or larger loads. Washing full loads helps conserve water.
Uses: Bio Laundry washes your clothes without the use of chemical laundry detergents. Advantage: the used water can be re use for gardening. So you can save water as well as providing a natural eco health to the soil.
Laundry Bricks
This soap actually gets your clothes brighter than you store bought detergent and Bon laundry soap does not contain any harmful detergents or chemicals. When you order we will cut the huge brick in to 5 large bars for you making it easier for you to grate on any normal cheese grater. Use 1/3 to ½ cup of grated flakes to your water before adding clothes. Don’t expect huge suds. Suds come from harsh chemicals and detergents and actually have nothing to do with how clean your clothes will be.
We are providing Bon Laundry bricks with ‘No scent”. Only fresh Lemon added. Instructions are included with bricks. Each Brick Weighs 225gms.
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