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 Castor Oils

BON – Castor Oil:
Our Bon- Castor oil is ultra pure and country pressed. Our source of seeds are from the non- hybrid cultivation. The mild aroma, the original quality is always ‘staying alive’ in our low temperature country pressing.
Few medicinal uses:
The oil is safe and is prescribed in Siddha medicine for infants, young mothers and even for the elderly for stomach pain. The dosage is adjusted according to age. A betel leaf stalk dipped in castor oil is used as a suppository for children with constipation.
Bon – Castor oil can be used with great effect to heal cracked nipples and sores. Our pure Bon- castor oil is applied to the eyes before bedtime for a cooling effect.
Having Bon-Castor oil once in three months as a purgative, ensures that the entire digestive system is cleansed. The recommend dosage is ˝ to one teaspoon of pure warm oil for children above one year and one to two teaspoons for adults. This results in four to five purges. A Light diet is followed for the rest of the day. In case of excessive purging, salt and sugar rehydration should be started. However, purging to such a degree with half to one teaspoon of castor oil is very rare.
Packing: Packed in amber bottles as 100, 250 and 500gms and corked. 100% Plastic free packing.
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