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 Coconut Oils

BON – Coconut Oil:
Our ‘country Pressed’ Bon – Coconut oil has the lovely smell and feel of virgin Coconut is so enticing that you will fall in love with it and we sure that you will realize its tremendous benefits, while its part of your cuisine. The South Indian tradition was using coconut oil in their daily life as cooking oil, Beauty purposes, Health purposes, and Medicinal purposes. Now modern research also confirms, coconut oil is one of the best cooking oil. Bon-Coconut oil is great for moisturizing and is very mild and excellent for people with sensitive skin.
From www.bodyecology.com
“....coconut oil is actually a life-saver. That’s because it’s a prime source of a key disease-fighting substance lauric acid the same one found in mother’s milk that helps protect newborns against a broad rage of pathogens [and, in fact, is now regarded as an important immune-booster for AIDS patients]. In addition, various studies have shown heart patients recovering after being fed coconut oil....
Packing: Bon- Sesame oil packed as 750gms in sterilized colour bottles and corked. And the bottle is covered with handmade rope, for safe storage, handling and protects from the light to ‘exist’ its quality. Bulk quantities are available in wooden barrels.
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