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  Try BON and Give your skin a Treat!

In buying our products, you are supporting the Health awareness and a small self supporting business unit.   Here there are no robots...   no 50-ton vats...   no corporate big-wigs.   This is just the way we like it.   We think you will too.

Packing?.. We are Green!

Soap Packing: We believe our soap wrapping is the best and to be awarded. We are pioneers, using dried leaves, butter paper and Jute thread for packing. 100% free from Plastic, Fancy wrappers and Toxic inks. Its simple & humble packing, designed for eco friendly and environmental safety. Bon Handmade soaps available in 15g, 20g [designed for hotel amenities’], 50g, 100g, 75g, 125g, 150g


We offer hard – cut bath size 100g bars of our soaps in the following varieties. The price starts Rs. 38/ 48/ 68/85 and Rs: 115 per bar on the fragrance line of soaps.


About - Organic Soap
Why BON Organic oil handmade soap?

You are probably thinking, “Why would I want to buy BON handmade soap when the soap I buy at the store is just fine? Read on to find out.

What soap are you currently using?

Chances are that it isn't soap at all, but a detergent, filled with things you can't pronounce.   DIDYOU KNOW that Federal law does not require soaps to list their ingredients. Check the label.   It may say "body bar", "cleansing bar", or "beauty bar", “deodorizing bar” Many of these are not called soap because they legally cannot be – they are probably detergents!. Again, read the label! The fancy labeled soaps sold in the stores – those clear soaps full of brightly colored, fancy shapes may look fun, but they contain lots of undesirable ingredients and are not made from all natural ingredients.

Even some true soap contains harsh chemicals.   Besides containing harsh ingredients, the naturally occurring glycerin, and a naturally formed by-product, which is great for the skin - it's a natural, gentle emollient is usually stripped from the finished product and used to make moisturizing lotions and other products. Have you ever noticed that the same company that sells you the soap that dries out your skin is also selling you lotion to moisturize your body after your shower?

About Bon Organic Soap

We have nothing to hide! All our soaps contain only certified organic coconut and castor oils, Natural Neem oil, Almond, 100% pure aloe Vera gel, caustic – lye [this turns the oils into soap] which is neutralized. No preservatives and alcohol. No animal fats. Most of our soaps have unadulterated herbal oils, and fine essential oils plus fragrances. No chemical colors – the ingredients in the soap may add their own colors. Well, for one thing they are NOT a chemical bath! Our products are never tested on animals.

We make Organic and Natural soaps by a unique handmade process called “cold process”. You'll notice a difference in BON handmade soap too.   Which explains why BON handmade soap costs a bit more than what you may be used to...?   Quality, Organic & Natural ingredients cost more, but make for a quality product.

In Bio Organic & Natural, simply BON - Each bar of soap - made, cut and trimmed by hand - is unique. We test them All [like...Ph level, Alkali, Percentage of Total Fatty Matter and Moisture] to confirm our first grade quality before packing. BON organic handmade soaps are not like other handmade soaps. Our soaps are made in such a way that they retain their natural quality, which makes them very kind to your skin!

Our soap can last much longer than commercial bars if used correctly – for best results it should be allowed to air dry after use. Because of the glycerin content of handmade soap, leaving the soap in a puddle of water can cause it to get soft.

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