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 Neem Oils

BON Neem Oil:
Bon Neem oil is produced by traditional way of Country Crushing. This is 100% wild and crafted from naturally grown Neem seeds. The Bio Molecules of Bon- Neem oil brings to you the total natural Neem power in every drop. BON Neem oil is non toxic to humans, birds, earthworms, or animals.
Bon-Neem oil can be used as a Medicinal external application for Arthritis, Wrinkles, Cold Sores, Cuts, massage, Sprains and bruises. Neem is described as having Amoebicidal, Anti-allergic, Anti-dermatitic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-periodontitic, Anti-tuberculus, Anti-viral, Anti-fungal, Anti-feedant, Larvicidal, Bactericidal, Insecticidal, Spermicidal and Wormicidal properties.
Bon- Neem Oil can spray as a best pesticide to your plants as Eco friendly and environmental safety.
Packing: Packed in 100, 250 and 500gm amber bottles and corked. 100% Plastic free packing.
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