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 Peanut Oils

BON – Peanut Oil:
We can offer you a 100% pure peanut oil for your edible use, with its own subtle element from the traditional type pressing. Bon- peanut oil really tastes of peanuts and the aroma is incredible. It is one of the few really healthy oils that are suitable for heating, so it can be used for frying and even deep-frying.
Advantages: Bon - Peanut oil does not transfer the flavour of one food to another. Bon Peanut oil out lasts other liquid oils under normal frying conditions and it transfers its mild, nutty taste and aroma to fried foods.
Packing: Bon- Peanut oil packed as 750gms in sterilized colour bottles and corked. And the bottle is covered with handmade rope, for safe storage, handling and protects from the light to ‘exist’ its quality.
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