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 Sesame Oils

BON - Sesame Oil:
Our organic standard, unrefined sesame oil has a nutty, robust % natural taste and the quality. It is a good source of poly and monounsaturated. In Veda mentioned, sesame oil is the Queen of oils and excellent for Humans. All the systems of Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unanai recommend Sesame oil is the best and precious oil for health.
The Incredible Oil for Oil Bath:
On Regular oil bath, once in a month, Bon-Sesame oil helps to get sound sleep. Nourish the hair, Nervous stimulation, Regulate the energy and the Body temperatures etc. Apply warm Bon-sesame oil all over the body, leave to absorb and then wash off in a bath or shower if required.
Best Massage Oil:
Bon- sesame oil is also the best and pure natural massage oil. Due to its ‘More creasy’ the massage will be more effective reducing VATA and nourishing the nervous system. When using the oil as massage oil, stroke the long limbs up and down. Use circular motions over all joints to stimulate the natural energy of those joints.
Bon–Sesame oil is a youth strategy for all; who needs ‘the Rejuvenation’, ‘Tanning’, ‘Tenderness’ and an ‘Amazing Golden Tint’ to the skin. On regular use, everyone can experience it.
Packing: Bon- Sesame oil packed as 750gms in sterilized colour bottles and corked. And the bottle is covered with handmade rope, for safe storage, handling and protects from the light to ‘exist’ its quality.
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