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Algae soap
Aloe + Chamomile soap
The two excellent plants revered in skin care. The soap for women: one loves the velvet skin shine. Comforting aloe and chamomile are enhanced by essential oils of lavender and spearmint.
Baby soap Ph- Neutral
The scrumptious, sweet, lip-smacking fragrance of bubble gum, without all the tooth decay! [Your Dentist will thank you.]
Coffee soap
Country Rose
The soap is our most beautiful soap! The special fragrance from the country rose petals float in a fragrance blend of palmrosa and sweet orange. Its one of the flower, which is offering to Divine by Indian tradition. The aroma of rose is believed to be an anti-depressant. Our soap is soothing to the skin and may help you through times of Grief and Sadness.
Demulcent soap [for sensitive skin]
A demulcent is a softening and soothing agent often used to protect the skin against irritation also used to soothe an already inflamed or abraded area. A widely used demulcent is aloevera.
Herbal soap
Orange & Cinnamon soap
This soap smells just like its name. It is an orange and cinnamon blend on a light sandalwood background. A favorite with both men and women.
Tea tree + Rosemary soap
Rosemary for remembrances.., but also great toner. Tea tree is said to have natural antibacterial properties. This is an excellent facial soap…mmm... it smells medicinal...It’s got to be good!
Healer soap
This soap is 100% best for natural medicinal purpose. Bon Healer Soap is recommended by Dermatologists for its quality and medicinal value. The principal ingredient in the BON healer soap is Tea Tree oil – relatively new discovery in the aromatherapy pharmacopoeia. Tea tree oil has been used to treat yeast infections, Athlete’s foot, Heat rash, Herpes, Bee stings and Insect bites. We created this soap to soothe the Itching, Inflamed skin of those who have contracted poison ivy. Tea Tree oils is a natural and highly effective Antiviral, Antifungal, Antibacterial, and Antiseptic. More effective than phenol and 100x more powerful than carbolic acid, and yet, is NON toxic and NON poisonous to humans. So safe in fact, that Tea Tree does not need to be diluted prior to use on skin or mucous membranes. The other oils used in bon- healer soap are Eucalyptus Lemon, and Rosemary, making this an ideal soap choice for cleansing cuts, abrasions, wounds, and for acne and oily skin, teenage pimples, etc... Here, s why Eucalyptus Lemon Oil is ‘Natural’ Anti-inflammatory as well as Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Analgesic, Deodorizing, and an Insect repellent. Rosemary oil is also Antiseptic, a Mental and Physical stimulant which combats depression, fatigue, and muscular aches, pains, and sprains. Make Bon- Healer soap your choice for an all around medicinal soap which is especially effective in fighting acne and controlling oily skin. Ingredients: organic coconut oil, certified castor oil Natural Neem oil, 100% PURE Aloevera, Essential oils of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Lemon, and Rosemary.
Vanilla soap
Summer, kids, and vanilla soap just seem to go together! Be careful, once Mom & Daddy smell the soap, they will want to use it too... So ice creamy, cake fresh you’II be tempted to take a bite! [But please don’t…it still tastes like soap!]
Spa soap
You need a soap that will wake you up in the morning….Try our Herbal soap! Tickles your skin and gets you going. Practically guaranteed to make facing the day slightly less annoying.
Fem care soap
Mosquito Protection soap
Neem soap
Lavender soap
Lavender calms and relaxes. It’s a good choice before bedtime.
Sandalwood soap
A favorite for ever. The top most fragrance familiar in the history of the Indian Queens. A haunting fragrance, difficult to forget.
Exfoliate soap
An exfoliative is any coarse materials added to the soap to provide texture that aids in the removal of dirt and dead skin cells. Corn oil, poppy seeds, clays, herbs and aloevera are all exfoliative although lemon grass oil does double duty as a demulcent as it also soothes and heals. This soap contains ground herbs, for a very scrubby effect. No scent or coloring added to this variety.
Nalangu soap
Chocolate soap
We had so many appreciations for a chocolate soap. We add the best chocolate fragrance that will not disappoint you! It really does smell like rich chocolate. This soap has a natural color from the ingredients. Best for chocolate lovers. The secret is we blend cocoa and vanilla oil to make our soap look and smell good enough to eat..
Anti – aging soap
Vetiver soap
Vetiver oil is steam distilled from the roots of a tropical grass. Vetiver oil has a rare, unique fragrance that gets a mixed reception. The effect of the oil resembles that of estrogen and makes a good remedy for postpartum depression. Vetiver is also beneficial for skin; the oil has a regenerative effect that acts specifically on deeper skin layers where aging skin loses fat content, causing the outer skin to sag. Our vetiver soap is very earthy.
Patchouli soap
Favored by free spirits and artistic souls, patchouli unites youths of all generations! Exotic and mysterious, this is a sophisticated and complex fragrance. Patchouli is a very earth type of aroma that smells like the earth after a rain storm. It is moody with the touch of patchouli. It is aphrodisiac and is used in perfumes to attract the opposite sex. If you are fan of myrrh, sandalwood, and amber, you will love this one! BON patchouli soap contains patchouli essential oils and a little ground herb for color.
Lemon soap
The naturally grown lemon from auroville red soil with a touch of sweetness! Light and refreshing, no colorants added. Perfect for spring and summer!
Jasmine soap
Simply Natural soap
Just soap is our simple and basic moisture rich soap specifically made for sensitive and dry skin types as well as sensitive noses. Just soap has no added essential oils, herbs, colorings, or textures making this the perfect cleansing bar for soap purists, the very young, and very old alike. Just soap is moisture rich in coconut, castor, Neem, almond, as well as being enrich with aloevera. That’s it!
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